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About Us

At B&C Global Group we are a team committed to serving our clients and allies. We have more than 17 years of experience in the area of international business, creating strategic alliances for greater productivity and attention in the commercialization of products. Similarly, our areas of development include financial systems, energy, transportation, and agriculture worldwide.


Our group has been created with the purpose of establishing business relations and international partners to provide an excellent service, based on our line of products and services that give us the opportunity to offer innovation.


Connect the requirement of our clients to the answers provided by our global partners; offering them quality, price, service, and assistance to obtain successful transactions.


Create teams and alliances aware of respect, integrity, and honesty as the basis of each transaction, where we seek the advancement of humanity and the planet with innovation, technology, and environmentally friendly productivity.


Communication and Confidentiality: We share the appropriate information in an honest manner, maintaining the privacy of the data base.

Respect: We respect others by using appropriate behavior.

Teamwork: We create and encourage teamwork.

Quality: We seek professional excellence with the highest possible standards in accordance with the client’s objectives.

Professional Development and Personal Skills: We apply our talents and skills to their full potential.

Customer Satisfaction: We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by anticipating, understanding, and responding appropriately to their requirements.

Social Responsibility: We are sensitive, and we care about the needs of others. We act with diligence and persevere in carrying out ethical actions.

Citizenship: Through adequate traceability in each transaction, we respect local and international laws with honest and integrity.