Properties to Develop

 Malpaisillo, Nicaragua

This is located in the West of Nicaragua, 58 miles from Managua (capital). This propertyhas a sandy loam soil, the best optimal ground for the majority of crops.It has a dimension of 518 acres and have been using it for growing peanuts.

In the background you can see the Black Mountain volcano which has made the land morefertile during the years

Leon, Nicaragua

This property is located 55 miles from Managua (capital) to the West. This land is sandy loam optimum for most crops. At this time this property is with cassava, an area of about 1900 acres.

Ostional, Nicaragua

This property has a dimension of 1053 acres. This is 86 miles from Managua (capital). Has 2miles of shoreline, has a creek, mountains with a variety of fauna and flora, high rocks, cliffs and 2 access roads on which you can go by car.